Manuscript Submission

Authors are suggested to submit their manuscript through the online submission system at DINAMIKA HAM’s official website at:

First time Authors must register themselves (by registering and creating an account) as an Author on the website and progress through the submission process.

Correspondence regarding the submission process is available through DINAMIKA HAM’s official e-mail address at:

If Authors encounter difficulties in submitting their manuscript through the official website, Authors can submit their articles by sending an e-mail with the manuscript file attached to the official e-mail address.

The submitted manuscript should be accompanied by the cover letter and statement of originality as provided by DINAMIKA HAM..

Author Approval

Authors whose manuscript is published are expected to approve of:

(1) The publication rights of all journal material published in DINAMIKA HAM are held by DINAMIKA HAM, with the knowledge of the Authors.

(2) The formal legal provisions for access to digital articles of the electronic version of DINAMIKA HAM are subject to the terms of the “license”, meaning DINAMIKA HAM reserves the right to store, modify, administer, maintain, and publish manuscripts without requesting permission from the Authors.

(3) Printed and/or electronically published manuscripts are open-access for educational, research, and library researches. In addition to these objectives, the Editorial Board will not be liable for violations of copyright law.


Privacy Statement

The names, e-mail addresses, and other Author related information entered into DINAMIKA HAM’s website will only be used for DINAMIKA HAM’s purposes and will not be used for any other purpose.


Peer Evaluation Process

All manuscripts will be subject to a double-blind peer-review process by DINAMIKA HAM’s Editors and Reviewers which consist of academics and specialist professionals.


Open Access Policy

DINAMIKA HAM provides open-access to its content, based on the principle of furthering global knowledge exchange, by assuming the principles and policy of the Open Access Movement.


Manuscript Translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English

DINAMIKA HAM provides Authors with its own translation service of Academic English for translating manuscripts which are only available in Bahasa Indonesia to English for publication in DINAMIKA HAM.

Manuscripts which are already in English (or already translated in English by the Authors) will be subjected to DINAMIKA HAM’s review of Academic English to ensure the quality of the published manuscript.

This service is mandatory for all articles submitted for publication in DINAMIKA HAM.

Usage of the service does not guarantee selection for peer review, manuscript acceptance, or preference for publication in DINAMIKA HAM.


Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

The DINAMIKA HAM Layout Template is available for download here.


Requirements for Manuscript Submission

The submitted manuscript is original and has not been previously published or submitted for consideration by any other journal.

The submitted manuscript is in MicroSoft Word format and uploaded as a .DOC or .DOCX file.

The submitted manuscript should follow DINAMIKA HAM’s Manuscript Structure, provided in DINAMIKA HAM’s Author Guidelines and Layout Template.

Authors are not obliged to prepare their full manuscript according to DINAMIKA HAM’s Layout Template, but the Headings of the Manuscript must follow the format provided by the DINAMIKA HAM’s Layout Template.


Brief Checklist for Manuscript Submission

All manuscript must include an Abstract containing a maximum of 250 words and a minimum of four Keywords.

References used in the manuscript must consist of 75% up-to-date scientific journal articles (instead of books and/or unpublished manuscripts) from the last 10 years.

References are listed in alphabetical order.

All listed References must be cited in the Manuscript’s text and each text citation in the Manuscript’s text must be listed in the References.

DOI for each Reference must be provided whenever available and should be provided with the format of:

Authors are not obliged but are suggested to use Reference Manager Programs such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero, etc..

Graphics (for use in Figures in the manuscript) are allowed, but must be supplied as either .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, or .BMP files with sufficient, clearly viewable resolution at the 100% scale.

Graphics in the form of editable Graphs or Flowcharts must be kept in editable form instead of saved or screenshot Graphics File.

DINAMIKA HAM prioritizes article publication with the Graphics in monochrome (black-and-white) but offers Authors the option to publish in color. 

Manuscript Structure

Manuscripts submitted to DINAMIKA HAM must follow the Manuscript Structure provided in DINAMIKA HAM’s Author Guidelines.

A submitted manuscript generally consists of crucial sections as listed and briefly explained in DINAMIKA HAM’s Author Guidelines - Manuscript Structure.


Titles must be kept concise and informative of the research’s subject matter, topic, and/or variables.


Author(s) Name(s) and E-Mail Address(es)

Provide the full name of each author (first, middle, and last name) without any titles.

Authors are suggested to provide the full names without any initials.

Pick one Author as the Corresponding Author but provide the working and active e-mail addresses of all Authors.



Provide each Author’s affiliation, at the minimum consisting of the institution and the faculty or department name.

Provide the full address (street and district, town or city, postal code, province or area, and country) of the institution of the Corresponding Author.

For Authors originating from foreign (outside of Indonesia) institutions, a full address of the institution should also be provided.



Provide the Abstract for the article.

Each abstract is written in a single paragraph with a maximum of 250 words.

Briefly describe the background and objective of the research, results, conclusion, and implication of the research.



Provide a minimum of 3 (three) Keywords.




Briefly provide information on the background, literature review, state of the originality of the work, research question and/or hypotheses, and objective of the research.



Provide the methods and materials and used for the research, these commonly include the data collection method, participants (population and sample), instruments used, and data analysis method.

Ensure that sufficient information has been provided for repetition of the research.



Present the outcome of the study which should be able to answer the research question and/or hypotheses.



Provide the interpretation of the study findings in the context of previous research.

This section is not a repetition of Result.



Present the main conclusion(s) of the study.

This section may also highlight the implication of the findings.


Limitation (and Suggestion)

Provide the limitations of the study and, whenever possible, also suggestions for future research.




Acknowledge those who have contributed to the research (funding organizations, research assistant, individuals or institutions that helped in gaining access for data collection and/or analysis, etc.).


Conflict of Interest or Funding

Declare any potentially competing interest (financial, professional, or personal relationships relevant to the study).

Sources of funding of the study may also be provided in this section under the Heading of Funding instead of Conflict of Interest.



References used in the manuscript must consist of 75% up-to-date scientific journal articles from the last 10 years.

All listed References must be cited in text and each text citation must be listed in the References.

DOI for each Reference must be provided if available.

Authors are not obliged but are suggested to use Reference Manager Programs such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero, etc..


Author Contribution

Provide a list of each Author’ contribution to the research and manuscript.


Author Translation Fees 

The fees will only be required for the manuscript translation (Indonesian to English)

For detail information, please contact:  Julia Reno Prihastuti

phone: +62 31 2981345; or send e-mail to: