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The ideals of the founders of cooperatives so that cooperatives can be perceived by members to bring meaning for the development of cooperatives in Indonesia. This can be realized through its contribution to national and local economic development through GDP. To be able to prove this opinion, then the study to look for answers in this study is 1). Is the role of sharia cooperatives able to help provide the welfare of farmers to be able to free vegetable farmers from the entanglement of debt or bond "remuneration"? 2 ). What problems did Sharia cooperatives have in providing the welfare of farmers to be able to free vegetable farmers from entanglement of debt or "reciprocity" bonds? The findings are the function and role of cooperatives nationally run by Sharia cooperatives. It is run because the Shariah cooperative has performed the function and role of the cooperative as a joint effort between the members and the board to the welfare of vegetable farmers in Claket village. This is evident from the existence of sharia cooperatives that dare to be different with the existence
of savings and loan cooperatives in general. The role of sharia cooperatives is to provide welfare to vegetable farmers. Because agriculture is one of the important and noble things in human life. The role of sharia cooperatives to prosper vegetable farmers in Claket Village, Pacet Subdistrict, Mojokerto Regency, East Java is urgently needed. Because not only vegetable farmers who benefit from sharia cooperatives but the public in general can feel it, which is getting a cheap vegetable prices. The problem faced by vegetable farmers in Claket village is vegetable farmers who always get loan money from middlemen before they harvest. At the time of harvesting the vegetables they must return the loan money from the middleman. Thus, crop yields from farmers only benefit the
middlemen and do not bring economic change to farmers.