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This research is based on the phenomenon of the low development of the tourism sector which occurred in the regions coastal villages in improving the economy. Therefore this study was conducted to determine the cause of less empowered coastal tourism is possible when tourism can boost the economy of the
coastal village communities. The government has already issued a public policy related to coastal tourism is, however, implementation is not yet optimal.
By using qualitative and phenomenological approach obtained findings about this have not empowered the coastal tourism. Cause that occur among people less able to capture the business opportunities to manage local community-based tourism. Lack of empowerment clear from government and maximum promotion of the tourism sector. SDA has not been optimally empowered coastal areas by village communities of the coast and the lack of infrastructure village infrastructure. It is expected the participation kongret government in the handling of this tourism to economic empowerment of rural communities along the coast. One solution that can be taken is the revamping of public policy related to the development of coastal villages. Besides the completion of program installation of paving and street lighting is also a priority program. Development and empowerment of communities in the management of this tourism immediately, so that their economy soon increase. Another thing that can be done by the governmentis the optimization of religious tourism and beach tourism exist to promote road.