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The low tax ratio as comparison between tax revenue and gross domestic product rate of Indonesia compared with other countries indicated low tax payer compliance rate on compulsion to pay tax. The tax payer compliance level is influenced by factors of tax payer attitude and law supremacy. Stronger law supremacy will influence tax payer compliance and attitude in paying tax. The tax payer attitude is influenced by factors of service, socialization and law supremacy. Law supremacy can influence tax payer compliance in direct and indirect manner that in turn influence tax payer attitude and finally his/her compliance. By identifying the extent of socialization, service and law supremacy factors influence on tax payer attitude that will influence tax payer compliance it is expected to give benefit for stakeholder where in this case is taxation general directorate. By identifying which factor that has greaterinfluence it is expected to give more priority in performing influencing activities in improving tax revenue. Tax revenue improvement is expected to be able to improve tax ratio. Tax ratio increase is indication of increased tax payer compliance in performing his duty of paying tax.