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CALYPTRA : Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa Universitas Surabaya

CALYPTRA : Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa Universitas Surabaya merupakan kumpulan artikel yang ditulis oleh mahasiswa Universitas Surabaya. ISSN 2302-8203

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Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis (Jurnal MABIS)

Journal of Management and Business (MABIS) is an accredited national journal (SK Dikti No: 51/Dikti/Kep/2010, July 5th, 2010) with ISSN 1412-3789. The editorial board invites authors and experts to publish and share their ideas through scientific and empirical research in the field of Management and Business. The major objective of the publication is to improve theories, concepts, and practices in the field of management and business. The dissemination of research will enable young researchers, and practitioners to present and share their scientific empirical findings. We are going to be a bridge between theories and practices in management and business.

The participation of the well-known international and national experts in the editorial board is a guarantee of the sustainability and quality of the  publications  as a  contribution  to the development  of management and business research on the national and international scale. MABIS will be published two times a year (March and September) and contained  ten empirical  researches, preferably in English. This will make it possible to introduce  the latest empirical  research findings to practitioners and academicians. The journal will be interesting both to academics and  practitioners. The journal is  aimed at researchers, lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and also practitioners.

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ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal

First published in 1985, ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal (AIPJ) is one of Indonesia's oldest scientific publication in the field of psychology. AIPJ is accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (PERIODE dan NOMOR SK??) and is currently indexed in ... Our Google Scholar profile can be accessed here.

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East Java Business Review

Published by Center for Business and Industrial Studies

University of Surabaya

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Media Pharmaceutica Indonesiana

Welcome to Media Pharmaceutica Indonesiana.

Media Pharmaceutica Indonesiana (MPI) is a journal focusing on pharmaceutical aspects. MPI is dedicated to update and support the development of information and knowledge on pharmaceutical fields. This is published twice a year (June and December). Media Pharmaceutica Indonesiana publishes papers (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) reporting the results of original research, short communications and critical reviews on all pharmaceutical fields. This covers a wide range of pharmaceutical biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and toxicology, community and clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical microbiology as well as other researches related to the pharmaceutical.

Submission and publication in MPI is free of charge. Manuscripts should be directed to the online submission or the secretariat of MPI at the following e-mail address:


Managing Editor,

Dr. Kartini

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Jurnal Ilmiah Sains dan Teknologi

ISSN: 0216-1540

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Jurnal Ilmiah Sosial dan Humaniora

Jurnal Ilmiah Sosial dan Humaniora pernah terbit dengan nama Unitas (pertama kali terbit tahun 1992) oleh Lembaga Penelitian Universitas Surabaya.

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