Author Guidelines

  1. The manuscript of the article has never been published in the online media and other printed media ( journal, proceeding, etc ).
  2. The manuscript is sent in the form of soft-copy ( form .doc or .docx ) by submitted
  3. The manuscript published in this journal includes the results of research, critical review, opinions, and book review on management and applied business.
  4. The manuscript of the article contains 3000 – 5000 words with single space.
  5. The manuscript is written in the essay format, beginning with the title ( header 1 ), subtitle ( header 2 ), and sub-titles ( header 3 ). The typing format is as follows :
  • Title ( header 1 ), ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, with bold type, placed in the middle.
  • Subtitle ( header 2 ), the first letter of each words is capitalized, except conjunctions, articles and prepositions.
  • Sub-subtitle ( header 3 ), only the first letter of the first word in the phrase is capitalized.
  1. The manuscript of research article consists of :
  • The title consisting of maximum 15 words.
  • Name of the writer and other identities ( profession, affiliation, email address, number of mobile phone.
  • Abstract written in English, consisting of 150 – 250 words, including the summary of background, objectives, or the research problem, methods, results and conclusion.
  • Key words : 3 – 5 words
  • Introduction ( includes the background, statement of problem / objectives which are presented in narrative form).
  • The theoretical frame work / Review of literature.
  • Method
  • Results and discussions.
  • Conclusion and recommendation.
  • References  
  1. References are typed with APA style as seen in the following.

           Romer, P.M., Hurlock, E.B. 1992."Endogenous Technological  Change". Journal of Political Economy, 98 (5), p 1971-1102.

           Wijaya, Agus; Purnomolastu, N.; dan Tjahjoanggoro, AJ. 2015. Kepemimpinan Berkarakter. Edisi 2. Sidoarjo: Brilian lnternasional.

  1. Articles can written in English or Indonesian language. For articles in Indonesian language, the spelling and punctuation should comply with the Revised Indonesian Punctuation and Spelling Guideline.