Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

1.The manuscript of the article has never been published in the online media and other printed media ( journal, proceeding, etc ).

2.The manuscript is sent in the form of soft-copy ( form .doc or .docx ) by submitted

3.The manuscript published in this journal includes the results of research, critical review, opinions, and book review on management and applied business.

4.The manuscript of the article contains 3000 – 5000 words with single space.

5.The manuscript is written in the essay format, beginning with the title ( header 1 ), subtitle ( header 2 ), and sub-titles ( header 3 ). The typing format is as follows :

  • Title ( header 1 ), ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, with bold type, placed in the middle.
  • Subtitle ( header 2 ), the first letter of each words is capitalized, except conjunctions, articles and prepositions.
  • Sub-subtitle ( header 3 ), only the first letter of the first word in the phrase is capitalized.

6.The manuscript of research article consists of the following:

  • The title:  consisting of maximum 15 words.
  • Name of the writer and other identities (profession, affiliation, email address, number of mobile phone.
  • Abstract: written in English, consisting of 150 – 250 words, including the summary of background, objectives, or the research problem, methods, results and conclusion. The abstraxt is typed in a single paragraph, followed by   Key words : 3 – 5 words
  • Introduction: including the background information, theoretical framework related to previous studies with gap analysis, and objectives –all presented in narrative form and no subtitle.
  • Research methods: research design, subjects, data collection techniques, data analysis and other elements- depending on the design, whether it is qualitative or quantitative  
  • Results and discussions:  presenting the findings, followed by discussions  and comparisons with other findings of different studies  and related  theories.   
  • Conclusion and recommendation: summarizing the results related research questions, followed by recommendation for further studies. 
  • References- list of books  and articles cited

   7.References are  typed with APA style as seen in the following.

           Romer, P.M., Hurlock, E.B.(1992)."Endogenous  Technological 

                 Change”  Journal of Political Economy, 98 (5), p 1971-1102.

           Wijaya, A; Purnomolastu, N.; dan Tjahjoanggoro, AJ.( 2015).   

                 Kepemimpinan Berkarakter. Edisi 2. Sidoarjo: Brilian lnternasional.

  8.Articles can be written in English or Indonesian language. For articles in Indonesian language, the spelling and punctuation should comply with the Revised Indonesian Punctuation and Spelling Guideline.