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At the moment, marketing online is one of interesting alternative to promote the product or promotion of effort. Marketing online offer various advantage, among other things; expense reached (free may even exist), technology support (access the internet progressively easy to and cheap), having mass effect (consumer internet in Indonesia mount at full speed and become the potential goals for marketing online which we do.
This program aim to increase knowledge technique of marketing online, especially through website because enabling more custom designedly interesting and more complete feature and also have goal to feel typically according to image usaha kecil, so that can improve the brand image usaha kecil. On the chance of can become the example for the application of other usaha kecil. Create website which can be used by usaha kecil as mode marketing online in order to extending consumer reach.
Result from this program is intended can assist the usaha kecil in promoting its effort recognizable so that society widely on the chance of sale will progressively mount and usaha kecil become to expand, so that later can become the example and applicable for the other usaha kecil.