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Induztrialization edge and economic growth bring some consequences to the society, such as pollution or environmental damage. The responsibility is not only lies in business sector but also contributed by society and public sector-government institution as their daily operational produce some waste material. One of
material use in such organization daily activities is paper. Unproper use of paper will impact on cost inefficiency, as well as environmental damage due to the main material of producing paper taken from forest.
Government as public service organization mostly deals with paper in their daily administrative business. While the othersites it also encouraged to put priority on budget efficiency included in paper consumption. This study aims to describe in what extend government efficiency initiative align in it environmental concerned. Specifically this study will explore the use of paper as one of most daily resource in government office using environmental management accounting (EMA)framework. The results convey that notion on some regulation pertaining with budget efficiency in Indonesia has similarity with the spirit and the benefit provided in term of EMA application. By implementing EMA properly, government may get information on cost efficiency along with environmental sustainability.

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