• Bambang Ariyanto


Regional autonomy has given authority to local governments to regulate and manage their own government households. The authority of the regional government in regulating this is realized through regional authority to make legal products called Regional Regulations. This regulation is an operational juridical instrument and controlling instrument for the implementation of regional autonomy. Law Number 12 of 2011 concerning the Establishment of Legislation Regulations mandates that there are stages that must be passed in forming legislation, namely through the stages of planning, drafting, discussion, ratification or stipulation, and promulgation. This study examines and answers the problems regarding the procedure for establishing Regional Regulations in East Java Province. From the normative aspect, how is the process of establishing a Regional Regulation in East Java Province, and whether its formation is in accordance with the orderly basis of the formation of the Laws and Regulations. This study is a normative juridical study using a statute approach and conceptual approach. The results of the study state that the Establishment of Regional Regulations in the Provinces in East Java is in accordance with the basic order of the establishment of Legislation. There are stages in the formation of the Regional Regulation, which refers to the East Java Provincial Regulation No. 1 of 2015 concerning the Establishment of Regional Legal Products. The stages of establishing a Regional Regulation include: Planning, drafting, discussion, final alignment, stipulation or ratification, enactment, clarification and evaluation; and dissemination.


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