• Slamet Arifin Narotama
  • Habib Adjie
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Keywords: Accountability; Auction; Government Bonds;


The government auctioned seven series of Government Securities on March 29, 2022, the auction was conducted so that the government would obtain funds to finance the 2022 State Budget, by conducting an auction of Government Securities for the SPN03220629 (new issuance), SPN 12230330 (new issuance), FR0090 (reopening) series. FR0089 (reopening). The purpose of a person participating in the auction of Sovereign Debt Instruments is to invest, considering that Government Securities are included in bonds, which is one of the products traded in the capital market as an investment scope. Sovereign Debt Instruments are securities in the form of debt acknowledgments that are guaranteed payment of interest and principal by the Republic of Indonesia according to their validity period, so everything in the object of Government Securities must be accountable by the government, both from the legal aspect and from the economic aspect.

The research method of this writing uses normative juridical research methods. The approach used in this study uses an analytical descriptive analysis method regarding the security of Government Securities sold at auction in terms of the principle of accountability. The technique of collecting legal materials is carried out through library research and analysis of library materials, as well as internet browsing studies including articles and scientific journals related to this research. After the legal materials have been collected, they are then analyzed using descriptive analytical and critical techniques.

The Government Securities Auction is conducted using an auction system organized by Bank Indonesia, which is open (open auction), using the multi-price method. Auction winners who submit non-competitive bids will pay according to the weighted average yield of the winning competitive bids. In the application of the principle of accountability, the government must provide certainty and security guarantees for the object of the auction of Government Securities, both juridically and economically. Bearing in mind that Government Securities are part of assets, in which assets there are potential risks in them, which can potentially harm and/or benefit the parties who control the object.


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