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Since the days of the Old Order government, the New Order, Reform phenomenon demonstration of workers in Indonesia were never resolved. Proven to date issues of the demonstration is still running. Even in the era of reform frequency of demonstrations of the workers became more transparent because in line with the government's attitude would listen and convey the aspirations of workers. In connection with this phenomenon, the study of the phenomenon of workers become increasingly keranjiangan for writers. But the study of labor problems only limit themselves to study the phenomenon of demonstrations of workers in 1996. In line with the phenomenon that have been raised, then that becomes the problem to find out in this study, whether the demonstrations by workers in 1996 in Surabaya carry meaning for the workers themselves. Results showed that the phenomenon of workers in Surabaya brings meaning to the workers themselves. Meaning of demonstrations for workers in Surabaya, their awareness and responsibility of the employer, the weakness of the management and policies of the company, t he claim by the minimum wage and a living wage, improvement allowances and clarity retirement, intervention workers when they do strike, their weaknesses SPSI and the role of government policy weaknesses.