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The problem for researchers in examining the organizational culture at the Clinic Dr Eko ie what is the reason the founders set up a clinic Dr Eko in Surabaya; characteristics of the organizational culture does exist in the Clinic Dr Eko; What cultural pillars contained in Organizational Culture in Clinic Dr Eko? The method
used in digging up information that is a qualitative study using direct observation approach and news in_depth interview with owner. Reasons: first owner to set up clinics, already trust/confidence of the publik; second, the existing brand image of the name of Dr. Eko. Evidently, the medical personnel at the clinic of Dr. Eko are all called Dr Eko by patients who come. Characteristics of organizational culture in the clinic of Dr. Eko disseminated to the medical officer Dr Eko Clinic in running the ministry every day to be lived employee. Medics in the work refers to the slogan, motto, vision and mission and goals of the organization. All the doctors who are here submissive and obedient to the rules laid owner through the slogans they use every day that is coming in direct medical recover when home. Hopefully, every patient who comes to the clinic Dr Eko back into healthy living. The pillars were planted by the owner of the employeesi Klinik Dr Eko that aspires same, building a working character, discipline, responsibility, diligence, honesty, hard work, serve with heart, humbly, to build the value
of cooperation.