Focus and Scope

Akuntansi dan Teknologi Informasi (JATI) is intended as a medium for disseminating research results and the exchange of Indonesian scientific works among academics, practitioners, regulators, and the public. Research in the fields of Accounting, Finance, and information technology includes various research approaches, namely quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Research in Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology focusing on various themes, topics, and aspects of accounting and finance, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Public sector accounting
  3. Social Accounting, 
  4. Management Accounting, 
  5. Behavioral Accounting, 
  6. Auditing, 
  7. Taxation, 
  8. Spiritual and Sharia Accounting, 
  9. Accounting education, 
  10. Corporate Governance, 
  11. Accounting and Management Information System
  12. Sustainability reporting (Sustainability Reporting)

Articles published in Research in Accounting and Finance Indonesia went through a double-blind review process by editors and reviewers by considering the relevance and contribution of articles to the development of the accounting profession and practices as well as meeting the basic requirements of journal publication. The editors and reviewers then provide constructive input and evaluation results to the article authors.