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Keywords: Child facilitator, human trafficking, self-compassion training, psychological well-being


Abstrak : Tujuan utama dalam penelitian ini adalah untuk meningkatkan psychological well-being yang dimiliki oleh pendamping anak, melalui intervensi pelatihan self-compassion yang dilakukan sebanyak tujuh sesi. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan experiment single case dengan A-B-A design. Partisipan yang terlibat dalam penelitian ini merupakan pendamping anak yang memiliki risiko terlibat dalam kasus human traficking. Berdasarkan hasil pengukuran psychological well-being pada baseline phase (A1), skor partisipan Meliau 110 dan Sanggau 114. Sedangkan hasil pengukuran di treatment phase (B), skor partisipan Meliau 155 dan Sanggau 138. Pada tahap hasil pengukuran di baseline phase (A2), skor partisipan Meliau 165 dan skor partisipan Sanggau 146. Peneliti menyimpulkan bahwa pelatihan self-compassion terbukti efektif dalam meningkatkan psychological well-being pada pendamping anak yang memiliki risiko terlibat kasus human traficking.

Kata kunci: Pelatihan self-compassion, psychological welAbstractl-being, pendamping anak, human traficking.

Abstract: The purpose of the research is to improve psychological well-being that is owned by the companion of the child, through the intervention of self-compassion training conducted as many as seven sessions. This research uses the approach of single case experiment with A-B-A design. Participants who are involved in this research is a great companion to the child who has the risk involved in the case of human traficking. The results of the measurement of psychological well-being at baseline phase (A1), Meliau score is 110 and 114 to Sanggau. Measurement in the treatment phase (B), Meliau had score 155 and 138 to Sanggau. Measurement results in the baseline phase (A2), Meliau had score 165 and Sanggau 146. Researchers concluded that the training of self-compassion shown to be effective in improving the psychological well-being of companion on a child who has the risk involved cases of human traficking.

Keywords: Child facilitator, human trafficking, self-compassion training, psychological well-being


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