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Numerous innovations of form have been developed by ready-to-drink tea producers for variety of flavours. The highly competitive market for this product demands the producers to develop more distinctive product for consumers. This research was using qualitative approach with qualified quantitative data. Questionnaire and tactile testing were done to gather data. The questionnaires were given to respondents with age range of 11- 17 years  and 1733 years
old. The respondents are also given tactile test for each packaging, for ready-to-drink tea. The target market for this research was young consumer with often-outdoor activities. Therefore they need abundant liquid intake. Nutrition rich tea in ready-to-drink packaging is one of solution for practical drink.
With a high activity tendency, it is logical that the most preferred packaging for ready-to-drink tea is PET bottle. This type of packaging is easy to carry, easy storage for later consumption and hygienic in consumers perception. PET bottle is also could give better fresh sensation compared to other packaging. In specific, consumers like bottle with small diameter and tall opening. Bottle cap with rubber layer is more preferred because has it has maximum closure. For structure, bottle with curvy form, 60 degrees shoulder bottle, vertical and slanting shoulder is considered more attractive.

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