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Keywords: gross domestic product, patent, labor force, foreign direct investment


Abstrak - Penelitian ini meneliti mengenai pengaruh patent, labor force dan foreign direct investment terhadap gross domestic product di 8 negara Asia. Variabel yang digunakan yaitu patent, labor force dan foreign direct investment. Data yang digunakan merupakan data sekunder tahun 2005-2015 yang diperoleh dari World Bank. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode panel data dengan software E-views 10. Pertumbuhan gross domestic product sangat penting bagi sebuah negara karena mencerminkan pertumbuhan ekonomi negara tersebut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa patent memberikan pengaruh positif terhadap gross domestic product. Temuan yang sama juga diperlihatkan oleh labor force. Apabila labor force tinggi, gross domestic product juga tinggi. Foreign direct investment berpengaruh positif terhadap gross domestic product. Apabila foreign direct investment tinggi, gross domestic product juga tinggi.

Kata Kunci: gross domestic product, patent, labor force, foreign direct investment

Abstract - This study examines the effect of patent, labor force and foreign direct investment on gross domestic product in 8 Asian countries. The variables used are patent, labor force and foreign direct investment. The data used are secondary data from 2005-2015 obtained from World Bank. The method used in this study is the data panel with software E-views 10. Gross domestic product growth is very important for a country because it reflects the country’s economic growth. The results show that patent have a positive effect on gross domestic product. The same findings are also shown by the labor force. If the labor force is high, the gross domestic product is also high. Foreign direct investment has a positive effect on gross domestic product. If the foreign direct investment is high, the gross domestic product is also high.

Keywords: gross domestic product, patent, labor force, foreign direct investment


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