Validation of Academic Motivation Scale: Short Indonesian Language Version

  • Lina Natalya Universitas Surabaya
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Keywords: validity, AMS - Indonesian version, academic motivation, internal structure


The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing states that there are five resources for evidence of validity which need to be examined in the evaluation of a measurement implement. The aim of this study is to evaluate the validity of the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) - Short Indonesian Language Version. The three stages of this study were conducted over differing time periods, as well as differing resources of evidence of validity. In the first stage, the only resource of evidence of validity used was in the form of testing for reliability and correlation between the items, which aimed at determining just which items would be utilized in the short version. Meanwhile, with the second and third stages, after the items had been reduced, evaluation was conducted based on two resources of evidence of validity, the internal structure, covering reliability testing and analysis of confirmatory factors, and resources of evidence of connections to other variables. Results of the reliability testing showed an alpha Cronbach value of more than 0.7, with corrected item total correlation of all items above 0.3 Results of factor analysis also indicated that all items grouped within its dimension, as well as the results of correlation analysis also indicating results in accord with earlier pieces of research. It may be concluded that the Academic Motivation Scale-Short Indonesian Version may be considered to be a reliable measurement instrument to measure academic motivation.


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