Vol. 36 No. 2 (2021): ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal (Vol. 36, No. 2, 2021)

Since Volume 35, ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal has established itself as the only psychological journal in the world that published its article simultaneously in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Publication in English was intended to improve its global readership and bring forward Indonesian psychology to a far-reaching impact. Meanwhile, the Bahasa Indonesia version was aimed to help more Indonesian scholars and researchers access the knowledge from the published articles. ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal’s ultimate goal is to actively push the advancement of psychological science and scientists in Indonesia. Thus, we believe that the bilingual publication will benefit the authors and Indonesian psychology at large.

In its current issue, ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal outlines a collaborative effort to set a publication standard/guideline aptly titled "TIM RaDaR" (short for Title, Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion, and References). The guideline is initiated by various psychology-related journals in Indonesia to improve the manuscript’s quality and accelerate the entire publication process. In addition, ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal also invited a guest author to write about the significance of ethical clearance as an integral part of the research. This article aligns with various journals’ requirements, including ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal, that a submitted manuscript has to declare the obtained ethical clearance. ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal upholds academic integrity and publication ethics. We believe that the publication guideline and ethical clearance promote the scientific climate in Indonesian psychology.

Besides, our current issue contains thought-provoking articles discussing Indonesian national identity and leadership in the national private university. In other articles, children material well-being and student subjective well-being were investigated. Lastly, work stress was studied among the Millenials. We believe these articles and topics are highly valuable and insightful for psychological scientists. We look forward to your contribution to participate in the related scientific conversation through the publication in ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal future issues.

Published: 2021-07-25