Vol. 37 No. 1 (2022): ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal (Vol. 37, No. 1, 2022)

ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal and the people behind it always strive to achieve our ultimate goal to actively push the advancement of psychological science and scientists in Indonesia. In this noble journey, we encounter various challenges altogether with the contributors of each issue. Balancing between achieving the highest standard and delivering the message from the research output becomes an arduous task that we hope to improve each time.

In this latest issue, we want to address the relevance of the new normal as the prolonged consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak is inevitable. Publishing a special issue would be our ideal goal. However, that goal can sometimes lead to articles being pushed to be published with compromises to be made that may transform the robustness of the output. Therefore, we are proud to introduce highly relevant articles in the current climate of psychological research.

As a starter, we are excited to bring forward important studies, such as gaming addiction and the alcohol and cannabis motives, that will help put this empirical evidence into contextual use in assisting the youth at large. Moreover, a web-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to improve self-compassion may illustrate another example of conducting a study and/or clinical service in a world where social distancing is commonly required. A study about internalizing problems and friendship quality complements our theme in this issue supporting the young communities. Additionally, an introductory study about career decision-making apps and their literacy to use the apps further highlights the careful attention to the realm of virtual platforms and possibilities within the psychological research. Lastly, great detail of guidelines for conducting an online experimental study is outlined in one article.

We believe these articles and topics are impactful for the Indonesian community and psychological scientists. We look forward to your contribution to participate in future conversations through the publication in ANIMA Indonesian Psychological Journal future issues.

Published: 2022-01-31